Monday, June 28, 2010

konyaku 【婚約】

Who knew that 4 years after starting this modest little blog that I'd be sitting here writing about my engagement to my favorite Nihonjin? I came to Japan in 2005 thinking that 1 year was an awful long time to live so far from home. I was afraid to walk too far from my Chiba apartment lest I get lost and not be able to find my way home. I thought that Japan was a nice place to visit but that I'd probably never be able to make it my home. The really crazy thing is that I thought, when I met "Tsuji" that we'd never be able to over come the language and cultural barriers we have and, therefore, I wasn't prepared to take him seriously when we first started dating.

It's crazy how life turns out sometimes eh?

I'm not going to go into too much personal detail here but I thought my "Japanikate" experience would not begin to be complete without mentioning this milestone in my life. I had my "sayonara" event @ GARAGE in Shimokitazawa on May 21, 2010. Later that night, my man and I took a taxi home, or so I thought. I knew what was up when the taxi pulled up in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku! We laughed nervously without saying a word as we walked through the strangely quiet carpeted hallways. I thought we would be going up to the bar to have a drink and admire the night view of Shinjuku before he popped the question. I was partly wrong. He pulled out a room key and opened a door on the 46th floor. I've never set foot in such an amazing room! I ran straight to the window and gasped at the breathtaking sight. Sparkling lights and buildings of every dimension filled my vision. Tsuji asked me to be his wife and I, obviously, said yes. We invited some friends up to have champagne with us (we greeted them at the door in bathrobes... but it was PG really!)

I never realized how excited I would be on this day. I'm happy that my journeys in Japan are not over and that, in fact, a much bigger and better journey is about to begin.