Sunday, September 23, 2007

Summer was...

kakigori in Asakusa
heat waves and oscillating fans, aircon at night, public swimming pools, street festivals, frozen sake, misplaced bike keys, shortcuts (and longcuts) to the library, improv singing at the wine bar, street performing, Kamakura, a rainy beach party, fireworks, a night time picnic in Yoyogi, carrot cake, kakigori, japanese gardens, outdoor onsens, yaki tori, spoon markets...all over before it began.

This year in Japan is moving too quickly. I was hoping it would buy me some time before I have to make the inevitable big decisions for my future. I've never been much of a "planner" which is precisely why I've enjoyed this summer despite its brevity. I'm continually amazed by the spontaneity around me. Some of the best moments in the past few months have been unplanned.. impossible to reproduce again. Thus, I've been a slacker with the blogging. I've taken lots of photos though so I'm stickin em up here in place of my words because you know what they say about pictures and how many words they're worth. (Summer Photos)
Awadori Festival, Koenji
Summer Fireworks, Futako Tamagawa
Summer Time

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