Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mamimi Atami

Izu, Mamimi Recording session

A few weeks ago I went down to Atami with Makoto's band, Mamimi Fouksong, and our friend Ian. While Mamimi and Ian were recording for their next album at Yuki's house, Yukie, Koji, and I strolled around the hilly streets of Atami. Atami is well known for it's mikans (tangerines) and onsen (hot springs) and lesser known for its stealthy cats. Where there is a cat, there you will most likely find a Kate. Yuki's childhood home was really great! Spacious and a little spooky, it was neat to spend the night within it's papery walls and tatami floors. I loved sipping my morning coffee in the tranquil Japanese garden. Sadly, this home will soon be demolished to make way for her family's new house which will accomodate her brother's family as well. Yuki was feeling a bit natsukashi (nostalgic) during her last stay in her childhood home. It was a quick visit but the band was able to finish recording and I got a little break from city life.

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